Acrylic garden mirror – plain sheets – Medium rectangle (4ft x 2ft)

Acrylic garden mirror – plain sheets – Medium rectangle (4ft x 2ft)


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4ft x 2ft Medium Garden Mirror

Could your garden use a little looking-glass magic? This beautiful acrylic garden mirror is made especially for outdoor use. A garden mirror is perfect for giving the illusion of space and light for any small area.

The acrylic mirror is both ten times stronger and 80% lighter than real glass, which means that you can hang it safely and securely without worry or fear of it smashing. It is worth bearing in mind that the acrylic mirrors are flexible, and the reflection produced will only be as good as the surface to which the mirror is fixed, so it is suggested that the adhesive used is spread with care and the mirror firmly flattened to any backing material.


– Medium rectangle 120cm (2ft) x 60cm (4ft)
Our mirrors can be attached in a multitude of places for many different light and illusion effects
Acrylic material is 10 x stronger than glass and 80% lighter too
Acrylic will not shatter and is also easily cut with knives or saws
Mirror is flexible, allowing you to fix it to virtually anything
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